5 ‘must-haves’ for open water swimming

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The list of ‘essentials’ for sports and activities seems to get longer and longer these days, from footballers in snoods to runners strapped with thigh tape. It is important however, to make sure when you are open water swimming (OWS) you have the right kit to make sure you have the most fun and the safest experience. 

Here are our 5 things to never forget before you dive in to open water for the first time. 

Swim Cap 

A staple of the OWS world, our advice is the brighter the better! Not only will it keep you safe, allowing venue lifeguards to spot you easier but it’s also good to make a statement with a funky headpiece. Our bright yellow Beyond Swim cap could just be the answer. More on that later… 

A Costume or Wetsuit 

Whilst the use of wetsuits will depend on each venue, we recommend that you wear a wetsuit when open water swimming. It can help to keep you warm, even in summer. They may also assist with buoyancy, keeping you safer in the water. If a wetsuit isn’t for you, make sure you get in contact with the venue first about their own rules and regulations. 


On a gloomy day, you might get away with swimming in pool goggles but when the sun is shining, you’ll want eyewear that is made for the often-dazzling conditions of open water swimming. These can sometimes be expensive but will be well worth the investment. Failing that, you could check out the benefits page of the Beyond Swim pass

Tow Float 

A tow float, or swim buoy as it’s also known, is essential if you’re sharing your open water with boats, kayakers and jet skiers. The light, bright floats tie to your waist and trail behind you, allowing others to spot you easily and, if necessary, you can use it to float while you rest.  

Beyond Swim Pass 

The beauty of the pass is that it helps you with a number of these ‘must-haves’. By signing up, we’ll chuck a swim cap your way, send you a pair of HUUB goggles and a whopping 25% off a HUUB Aegis X Wetsuit. Not to mention 20% off each swim, all for an annual price of £30. More than that, you’ll be joining our ever growing community of swimmers who just want to meet up, have some fun and a few laughs along the way. We’d love for you to join us