Frequently Asked Questions

Swimmer FAQs

Who is involved in Beyond Swim?

Beyond Swim is a creation by Triathlon England and is supported by Swim England and Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS UK) who have combined their expertise and safety guidance to give swimmers peace of mind when they are participating in the sport they love, and encouraging newcomers to the community.

How many venues are signed up to Beyond Swim?

You can see all of the venues that are accredited by Beyond Swim here.

What are the benefits to buying a Swim Pass subscription?

The Beyond Swim Pass includes access to a 20% discount when swimming at a Beyond Swim Venue* (*see participating venues offering the swim pass), a Beyond Swim pack, which will be sent to you in the post as a thank for signing up & access to incentives when you check in ten swims at a Beyond Swim venue. You will also have the reassurance that you are swimming at an accredited and safe open water venue and that you are part of our nationwide swimming community. Learn more about the Beyond Swim pass here.

What do I get for my money?

The Beyond Swim pass includes access to a 20% discount when swimming at a Beyond Swim Venue* (*see participating venues offering the swim pass), a Beyond Swim swim hat, a unique welcome postcard, a free pair of HUUB Albacore goggles (RRP £44.99) and 25% off a HUUB Aegis X Wetsuit (RRP £329.99) Learn more about the Beyond Swim pass here.

Do I get insurance with my Swim Pass subscription?

No, insurance cover is not included in the Beyond Swim Pass.

What can I expect from a Beyond Swim Self-Declared venue?

The venue has completed the Beyond Swim Self-Declared checklist to verify that their documentation reaches Beyond Swim minimum standards.

What can I expect from a Beyond Swim Endorsed Venue?

Beyond Swim have received and reviewed the venue documentation and the Beyond Swim safety team have confirmed that the venue documentation reaches or exceeds Beyond Swim minimum standards at the time of review.

How long does my Swim Pass subscription last for?

The Beyond Swim Pass is valid until you choose to cancel it.  Your subscription will renew every year on the date of your original purchase. Beyond Swim will endeavor to send you a  reminder a month before the pass subscription is due to renew.

What discount can I expect with my Swim Pass subscription?

You will receive a 20% discount off the pay as you go swim price at any Beyond Swim Endorsed Venue*. (*where applicable).

I’m a member of Triathlon England/Swim England, is a Swim Pass included?

No, the Beyond Swim pass is not part of any Triathlon England/Swim England membership.

Where is my nearest Beyond Swim venue?

You can search for your local Beyond Swim venue on our venues page.

Do I need to wear a wetsuit?

Whilst the use of wetsuits will depend on each venue, Beyond Swim recommends that you wear a wetsuit when open water swimming. Wetsuits can help to keep you warm, even in summer. They may also help make you buoyant – which can help keep you safe.

Can I hire a wetsuit?

Many Beyond Swim Endorsed Venues have wetsuits available for hire. It’s best to contact the venue you are planning to visit and check first. You also receive a wetsuit discount when you sign up to Beyond Swim from our partners HUUB.

Will there be lifeguards at the venue?

All Beyond Swim Endorsed Venues have outlined their water safety plans to the Beyond Swim team. Each venue will endeavour to support swimmers in distress and will have plans about how they will help any swimmers in trouble.

Who do I contact if I have a problem/concern about a venue?

If the venue is listed on the Beyond Swim website, please contact

Do I get a membership card?

No, you won’t receive a membership card, you will receive a confirmation email with your username and password for the Beyond Swim website and you will receive your Beyond Swim pack in the post including a Welcome Postcard.

Is Beyond Swim available for children?

Currently, the Beyond Swim Pass is only available to adults (over age 18). This does not mean those under-18 can’t swim at a Beyond Swim venue, they just can’t buy the pass. It is always best to contact the venue first to see if they allow those under the age of 18 to swim.

How do I check in at the venue?

Each Beyond Swim venue offering a Beyond Swim discount price will have a Beyond Swim CHECK IN poster on display. Use the camera on your phone to scan the QR code on the poster.

When asked to be taken to webpage, accept and you will be taken to the Beyond Swim website When asked, put in your username and password to check your swim in. Your swim will be logged in your Beyond Swim account.

How many swims do I have to do to get a reward?

You need to log 10 swims in your Beyond Swim account in order to redeem your reward.

What are you doing with my data?

Please read our Privacy Notice here so you know what to expect when Beyond Swim processes your personal information.

How do I redeem my goggles?

You will receive a Beyond Swim and HUUB flyer in your Beyond Swim welcome pack. This comes out in the post to you. Simply follow the instructions on the flyer and use the discount code to redeem.

When do I get my Swim Pass pack?

Your Beyond Swim Pass pack will be sent out after you receive your confirmation email. We will endeavour to get this to you within 10 working days, stock permitting. You will receive further welcome packs annually after your subscription renewal.

Where can I find my Swim Pass?

You will receive an email which provides you with your username and password (that you inputted during purchase). This is all you need, as you use your phone camera to check in at a Beyond Swim venue.

I’m new to open water swimming, where can I do my first swim?

We recommend swimming at a Beyond Swim Endorsed Venue. You can search for a venue near you here.

What training do I need to do before open water swimming?

We recommend that you feel comfortable in the water. In open water swimming you often can’t put your feet on floor, so bear this in mind before you jump in. Most Beyond Swim Endorsed Venues offer an induction to help you learn about the venue and acclimatise to the water. We recommend you ask about this when you book or arrive for your first swim.

What equipment do I need?

Goggles, a towel, lots of warm clothes, a swim hat, a bottle of water, we recommend you wear a wetsuit, and you may also consider a tow float and flip flops.

Can I use my Swim Pass all year round?

Yes, your Beyond Swim Pass is an annual pass valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. We will do our best to remind you to renew when you have one month remaining.

Can I go cold water swimming with my Swim Pass?

Beyond Swim will be providing guidance to support the venues to offer swimming when the temperature starts to dip. It is the responsibility on each Beyond Swim Endorsed Venue to decide whether they are equipped to offer open water swimming provision at lower temperatures, so we advise that your contact your venue to check.

Do all Beyond Swim venues offer a Beyond Swim pass discount?

No, a few venues are unable to offer a discount (for reasons agreed by Beyond Swim). Please see the venue search page to find your nearest venue and to confirm the price of a swim here.

Can I get open water swim coaching?

Many Beyond Swim Endorsed Venues offer open water swimming coaching. We recommend that you contact your venue to ask if they provide coached sessions.

How do I log into my user area?

Simply visit the Beyond Swim website and select Account or click here.

How can I change my personal or contact details?

You can edit your details in your account area. Login in here.

Do I need to have a Swim Pass to swim at a Beyond Swim venue?

No, Beyond Swim venues are open to all swimmers. Having a Beyond Swim Pass enables you to access a 20% discount off a pay as you go swim at a Beyond Swim venue*. (*where applicable).

Can I use my Swim Pass in Wales or Scotland?

No, currently there are only Beyond Swim venues in England.

When does my Swim Pass subscription renew?

Your Swim Pass subscription will renew annually on the anniversary of the date that you initially purchased the Swim Pass subscription.

Can I get a refund?

Should you change your mind, a full refund will only be available if you notify us of your wish to cancel your Beyond Swim pass within fourteen days of your Beyond Swim Pass confirmation email. No refunds will be issued after this time. Visit Terms and Conditions here.

I have a question about my Swim Pass, who do I contact?

For any questions about Beyond Swim please email

I can't currently find a Beyond Swim venue local to me?
We are always looking for new venues to support and to get involved with Beyond Swim accreditation. The Beyond Swim website will be kept up to date with Beyond Swim venues and we will be adding new venues all the time. If you have any further questions, please get in touch with
How do I book my discounted swim?
Firstly, visit the Beyond Swim venue search page and select the venue you wish to swim at. Check they are offering a Swim pass discount – in the yellow box on the right. If they are, to book your discounted swim visit your venue booking web page and select the Beyond Swim pass price or the Swim pass price. If this isn’t listed by the venue, please contact the venue and ask them how to book your discounted swim.
How do I cancel my Swim Pass subscription?

You can cancel your Swim Pass subscription from your dashboard by logging in to your Swim Pass.

I have cancelled my Swim Pass Subscrition, when does my pass expire?

If you have cancelled your subscription, your pass will remain active until your next renewal date.

Venue FAQs

What is Beyond Swim venue accreditation?

The accreditation process focuses on safety, to ensure open water swimming operators are following best practice guidelines, implementing the robust safety and standards of competence that are expected in order to achieve Beyond Swim accreditation. You can read more about the process here.

How much does Beyond Swim accreditation cost?

We have been working hard to continue to ensure our Beyond Swim venue accreditation process and guidance remain industry leading. This provides you with peace of mind that your provision and documentation meet or exceeds our standards, ensuring that you are providing the best possible experience for your swimmers, whilst keeping them safe.

  • Beyond Swim accreditation and selling the Beyond Swim pass this is £150 +VAT – please sign up here.
  • Beyond Swim accreditation and not selling the Beyond Swim pass this is £250 +VAT – please sign up here.

If you are a Triathlon England affiliated club that offers open water swimming sessions to your members only, then Beyond Swim accreditation is free of charge. If however your sessions are open to non-club members then the costs are as above.

Please contact with any questions you may have, and we can provide you with this information to help you prepare for the upcoming open water season.

How long is Beyond Swim accreditation valid for?

Beyond Swim accreditation is valid for all venues until 31 March 2024. At which point the venues will need to review and renew their accreditation documentation.

What does a Beyond Swim accredited venue receive?

A Beyond Swim Endorsed Venue who offers the Beyond Swim pass swimmer discount receives Beyond Swim Endorsed stickers, a certificate, a digital logo and if promoting the Beyond Swim pass, some flyers, Swim Pass promotional cards for swimmers, and two Beyond Swim venue t-shirts. The venue will also be listed on the Beyond Swim website.

What happens if a venue doesn’t meet Beyond Swim accreditation minimum standards?

The Beyond Swim team will support each venue to work towards and to achieve Beyond Swim minimum standards. We aim to support all venues to develop and achieve the Beyond Swim accreditation.

Are there any offers and discounts for venues?

Beyond Swim Endorsed Venues can get a discounted rate on water quality testing and the purchase of Beyond Swim buoys. This is provided by our Beyond Swim partner – Swim Safety. Find out more here.