Is open water swimming good for weight loss?

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A question I’ve thought a lot about recently is which activities will help me lose weight? From getting ready for those summer holidays to just wanting to get in better shape, finding the right activity to help you achieve your goals can be crucial. Let’s take a look at the facts around open water swimming and burning those calories. 

Firstly, swimming exerts very little pressure on the body. It is, therefore, an ideal exercise for overweight people, allowing them to safely engage in intensive activity for a prolonged period. 

The low-impact nature of swimming means injury risk is minimal, so there’s no excuse not to push yourself. By moving quickly against the force of the water, you’ll burn fat and build muscle – a crucial combo for optimal weight loss. 

Do you burn more calories swimming or running? 

You can burn as many, if not more, calories in the pool as you can by pounding the pavement, as long as you put in the effort. If you normally run at a 10-minute-mile pace, you’ll burn as many calories in 30 minutes as you would in the pool. If you run at a slower pace, you’re likely to burn more calories in the pool. 

Is open water swimming better for weight loss than swimming in the pool? 

Swimming in open water can burn more calories than in the pool, as the lower temperatures will cause you to create heat energy by shivering. However, there’s not much point swimming in open water for weight loss if you’re too cold to swim for long enough. 

Be sure to acclimatise slowly into colder water. Breathe deeply and lie on your back when you first get in so that your heart rate drops down to a more usual rate before beginning swimming. This helps to avoid cold-water shock and cardiac arrests, as well as making your swim more enjoyable, as you’ll be less out of breath. 

If you’re already quite slim, you should be extra diligent when jumping into cooler waters. For those in this category, your regular swimming costume may not be enough. Experts believe that if you have a high muscle density and low amount of body fat, then once the water temperature goes below about 16C, you should be putting on your wetsuit. 

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