Top tips for safely open water swimming

  • Getting Started

Be honest, when someone mentioned the words ‘open water swimming’ in the past, you have probably had visions of ice-cold water, 6ft tall reeds and shopping trolleys aplenty on the waterbed.

Our Beyond Swim venues are accredited to ensure the highest standards in both safety and cleanliness so you can swim in confidence.

To keep yourself safe, we have put together 5 top tips to make open water swimming as safe as possible.

Plan your visit.

First things first, choose your venue. Our Beyond Swim affiliated venues are easy to find through our website. Consider the weather, water temperature, and ensure your equipment is clean, dry and ready to go before you arrive at your chosen venue.

Have the right kit.

Ever heard the phrase ‘all the gear, no idea?’ Well, we go by the mantra ‘all the gear, right idea!’ Make sure you have your wetsuit if required, your brightly coloured Beyond Swim cap, a tow float or life jacket if you choose and some dry clothes to change in to! We also recommend a few pennies for a warm drink and a treat at the on-site cafe!

Take a friend.

If you can, why not drag along a friend or family member with you? We all love a bit of moral support! Even if they don’t fancy braving the water, once they see how much fun you are having, they’ll be joining you in no time! If you can’t find someone to drag along, make sure you let someone know that you are going and when you’ll be back and get chatting to the other swimmers at the venue, we know they’ll be more than happy to help where they can.

Know your limits.

I need to make a confession. Two things I am not are 1) A great swimmer 2) A lover of cold water. However, this does not stop you in your quest to conquer the open water. Make sure you acclimatise yourself to the water at your own pace, swim parallel to the shoreline and are clear on your exit and entry points. Our Beyond Swim venues will always have people around to help you if needed.

Learn the safety advice.

Everyday is a school day is what they say, and open water swimming is no exception. Make sure you read up on all the safety advice provided on-site. Our friends at the RLSS UK have even gone one better and created a handy water safety toolkit for you to familiarise yourself with, and it’s free so you have no excuse!